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Gales - The Best Nursing Shoes

Designed with Healthcare Professionals to provide the highest level of comfort, support and protection, Gales are the best shoes for nurses.


Long term cushioning, arch support and moisture management with custom, machine washable Ortholite® insoles.


Durable, eco-friendly, "soft touch" feel XL Extralight® technology 3x lighter than comparable materials.


Wipes clean in seconds top to bottom with full moisture and microbe barrier protection.

Five Star Customer Reviews


Nurse Approved

Gales were crowdsource designed with healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, because we realize no one knows what nurses need in a shoe better than nurses themselves do. In fact, 95%+ of nurses say they would recommend Gales.

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  • The shoes are exactly what is needed in the market to help nurses, in fact all healthcare workers, be safe - and Gales really took the feedback from nurses and others to make a product that solves a major challenge for all of us on the frontlines.

    — Rebecca Love, RN, MSN, FIEL

  • The best of both worlds. They combine everything I’m looking for in a shoe functionality wise, and are cute too!

    — Madelyn Ball, RN

  • Feels Like I Strapped a Pillow To My Feet! The best thing about them is the first step you take. These have become my go-to shoes.

    — Mike L

  • Gales are shockingly light I forget that I’m even wearing them sometimes. Their “energy giveback” insoles combined with high arch support provides added comfort and a noticeable extra spring in every step I take during a long day. Not to mention they’re so easy to clean! Just spray / wipe them down with a bleach & H20 solution, in less than a minute, bam, sanitized.

    — Sacha Selim

  • Nurses being on our feet for sometimes 12 to 23 hours at a time, comfortable, water resistant and durable shoes are the important part of our uniform. Amazing innovation with Gales.

    — Josephine A.

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