"The Dancing Nurse"

I fell in love with Gales the first time I ever put them on! They immediately became my go to shoe for work. The most comfortable and easy to clean shoes for nurses on the market.

Cindy Johnson @fitandphat123

Incredibly Comfortable, Lightweight and Stylish!

The shoes are exactly what is needed in the market to help nurses, in fact all healthcare workers, be safe - and Gales really took the feedback from nurses and others to make a product that solves a major challenge for all of us on the frontlines.

Rebecca Love, RN, MSN, FIEL

Walking on Clouds

I have ''On- cloud'', ''Cloves'' and ''Asics'', and my gales are by far my most favorite so far. They have vents, so my feet do not feel sweaty, yet they are splash/fluid proof (C-Diff proof!!). These shoes are the most lightweight feeling, that put a spring in my step when walking. I highly recommend these for any healthcare professional, or service personal that will need a great new pair of non-skid shoes.

Lynnzy, RN

Comfiest Shoes Ever

I got my Gales for nursing school, and let me tell you, my feet feel like they are on cloud nine! These shoes are light, plush, easily wipeable, and a necessity for nursing students and nurses alike! Go grab your pair now!

William Burroughs

Shockingly Light + Easy to Clean

These shoes are shockingly light, I forget that I’m even wearing them sometimes. Their “energy giveback” insoles combined with high arch support provides added comfort and a noticeable extra spring in every step I take during a long day. Not to mention they’re so easy to clean!

Sacha Selim

My favorite part is the cushy material!

I am over weight and 58 years old. I have Diabetic Neuropathy and can not stand to have shoes tight across my toes. I was reduced to crocks... But lately I am having trouble with them staying on my feet. The Gales are shoes and the toe box is loose enough to limit pain. And with heel spurs... The spring in each step is so comfortable. I just ordered a second pair. THANK YOU GALES.

Deborah Creager