The first footwear designed to disperse energy and reduce impact on knees, backs, and joints from long 12+ hour shifts, Gales® was founded to support essential workers who deserve better care.

Founded to Give Back

When nurses saved Rob Gregg’s close friend from critical illness at the start of 2020, Rob put life on pause to become a full-time healthcare volunteer.  When working with the nurse innovation group SONSIEL, he discovered the #1 unaddressed issue in infection control and safety in the workplace was footwear.  80% of healthcare workers wore shoes that absorb deadly bacteria and disease1 and 90% of footwear tested tracks deadly bacteria2 (a higher percentage than bathroom floors and toilet seats).  Not only were healthcare professionals exposed, but they tracked life-threatening diseases (CDIFF, MERS, STAF, E COLI and COVID) room to room and home to their families.

As the owner of a luxury Italian footwear company, Rob shut down operations to create an entirely new solution to meet an urgent need - and solving that need came with a bigger purpose and vision.  High-quality, protective footwear designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare workers with comfort and safety.

12020 Healthcare Facility Survey  2International Labor Organization 

What Makes Gales Unique?

Footwear isn’t built for standing… athletic shoes are designed to help you jump higher and run faster by springing energy back into your body. However, this “energy return” principle results in an increase in pressure on knees, backs and joints, leading to long-term pain and health complications for professionals who are on their feet for long shifts (healthcare, hospitality, education, and +1.8 Billion professionals who stand for a living)...  Gales® are the first shoes designed to do the opposite - diffusing impact and dispersing energy to decrease pressure on your body during long shifts. Gales® are also fully bleachable, machine washable, antimicrobial, and made with partially recycled + eco-friendly materials.  Our footwear is made in North America and we’ve made it our mission to give back with thousands of pairs donated each year in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Our Values


We value all perspectives and recognize that our differences make us stronger.


We value openness, honesty, and taking accountability for our actions.


We are committed to building an inclusive and welcoming workplace for all.

Sustainability Statement

At Gales®, we are dedicated to making environmental improvements that lead to a sustainable future. We have committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and that's why we use solar power, as well as partially recycled materials, to make our shoes.