Pre-order pop up


If an item is sold out, we may choose to make it available for a pre-order, designated by the PRE-ORDER button on the product page. After completing the purchase process online, we'll confirm via email that you are aware the item is out of stock and that you placed a pre-order.

A pre-order requires upfront payment in order to be placed on our pre-order list. As soon as your order arrives at our distribution center, we will quickly ship your order prior to making our products available to the general public. We highly recommend pre-orders as it is the best way to obtain our shoes.

Generally pre-orders are fulfilled in 2-3 months, depending on which shoe style you order and if we will have future availability. Due to demand, we cannot guarantee fulfillment of pre-orders from the most immediate shoe shipment we will be receiving.

We highly recommend placing a pre-order if an item is sold out. This is the best way to get our shoes. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to build out our inventory!

NOTE: Pre-orders may be subject to delays and must be paid for in advance in order to be placed on the pre-order list.